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The Domaine de Verquière, located in Sablet, a welcoming and generous land, produces red wines having a rich and powerful bouquet.
Fruity, elegant and pleasant, our rosé wines are marvellously convenient for the hot summer hours, in the image of white wines expanding our range.

Our wines stem from clayey-chalky and stony hillsides, butalso from « Plan de Dieu » terraces, a carpet of red pebbles exposed to our blazing sun and the Mistral wind.
The bouquet, the roundness and the finesse are the result of the harmonious blending of several vine varieties :

- The Grenache, a noble variety of vine, asserts its dominance through its full body and its richness.
- The Syrah, in lower quantity, gives colour tothe wine as well as perfume and elegance.
- With the Cinsault, one can remenber the finess of young wines.
- Finally the Mouvèdre gives them the foundations of a fully deserved ageing and the promise of very pleasant discoveries.

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