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Transmitted of wire father, the FIELD OF VERQUIERE is directed today by Romain and Thibaut CHAMFORT who they ensure the continuity and development of family farms in accordance with the traditions. Passionate, their commitment also involves the conversion of vineyards in organic farming.  

Domaine de Verquiere established its reputation thanks to the work and the know-how of several generations.
When he was young, great Grandfather Edmond bought the buildings to which he gave life again. He used to sell his wines in big barrels to the best wine-merchants of the area.
Grandfather Louis, with dynamism, gave a new impulse to the domain by selling the wines in bottles and by extending the estate. On his steps, the father Bernard and his wife Genevieve took over, respecting the quality of the wines and increasing the sales through export.

Story - Domaine de Verquiere

This peaceful country house, which is a rural provençale farm, delights the visitor with its setting of greenness.
Their children and grandchildren were born and grew up there. Their attachment to these old walls is real.

Sheltered by the medieval village, the wine-cellar faces south.
In the background, the Dentelles de Montmirail overlook the vineyard of the estate.

Famille Chamfort - Domaine de Verquiere
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